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Apple is replacing plastic bags with eco-friendly paper bags from April 15

The move is indeed set to come into effect later this month, and will see Apple take another step towards securing an environmentally-friendly future for its customers
Apple Announces
April 5, 2016

It looks like Apple is about to switch from using plastic bags to eco-friendly paper bags, according to a note sent out to retail employees. The move comes as Apple is continuing to bolster its environmental efforts around the world, and will see the company use paper bags sourced mostly from recycled materials.

Paper bags

Paper bags

Paper bags

Of course, at the minute, and for a long time, Apple has given drawstring plastic bags to customers carrying out purchased goods from retail stores, and these have become somewhat iconic in themselves. However, as 9to5mac now explains, a retail note to employees obtained by the publication states that Apple is set to move towards paper bags as part of its plight to leave the world “better than we found it.”

Here's the full note:

We're committed to leaving the world better than we found it. One bag at a time. So on April 15, we'll switch to paper shopping bags made from 80 percent recycled materials. These bags come in medium and large.

When customers are buying a product, ask if they need a bag. They may decide they don't. And you'll encourage them to be even more environmentally friendly.

If you still have plastic bags in stock, use them before you switch to the new paper bags.

April 15

The move indeed comes into effect on April 15, though Apple has reportedly been told to use up all of its remaining supplies of plastic bags at retail stores before moving to the new paper bags. As such, your local retail store may not switch to using paper bags bang on April 15; instead, it could be a few days (or even weeks) later.

This is of course an expected move from Apple, especially given the push towards paper bags (or re-used bags) in other stores the world over. Here in Britain, “large stores” must charge five pence per plastic bag in a bid to encourage customers to re-use old ones. In Europe, similar models are imposed in an effort to reduce plastic waste.