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Apple Launches Redesigned Official Apple Support Website

The new site comes as part of the company's new push on improving its online support services, and it's definitely a great improvement for users of Apple's products
Apple Announces
April 30, 2016

Apple has sent out an update for its Official Apple Support website, making a number of design changes to the site and adding new ways for users to seek out advice and help on different topics.

You can visit the new site right now, and front and center in the page is a new lead image and a universal search bar that provides access to Apple Support's quick links. This is the first place customers might consider when searching for an answer, and simple searches, like “iPhone backup,” reveals a list of articles from the Apple Support database tackling a range of different subjects.

You can also view information per product (like iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and so on), you can view popular topics, find information about managing your Apple ID, or discover how to switch to Apple's iPhone.

There's also a link for the Apple Support Communities, and for checking your device's warranty and repair.

The move comes after Apple launched a Twitter account for Apple Support, @AppleSupport, back in March; soon after its launch the account became a mega-hub of information and advice for users, providing customers with a direct line to Apple. It's great to see Apple improve its support services in this way, since the in-store experience it offers for customers is lacking across several areas.

Check out the new Apple Support website now. If you have a problem, it's the first place you should start.