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Apple Quietly Makes a Change to the tvOS App Store Top Charts

Any installed app is now hidden when browsing
Apple TV
May 31, 2016

Apple has quietly made a notable change to the Top Charts section on the Apple TV.

Hiding apps already downloaded

Hiding apps already downloaded

App developer equinux recently noted an interesting anomaly on the German version of the tvOS Store:

After we released an update to Live TV (German TV Streams) last week, we were shocked to see it had disappeared from the Top Free charts. Live TV has been one of the most popular apps on the Apple TV in Germany and has been in the Top 10 almost since day 1, so for it to disappear completely was inconceivable.

We checked and double-checked iTunes Connect, refreshed the App Store, checked our crash logs, but nothing stood out.

After a bit more research, the company found the answer. Apple is now hiding any app you’ve already installed when browsing. I confirmed the same thing is happening in the U.S. version of the tvOS App Store.

With screen real estate at a premium on the TV, Apple more than likely made the change to give users a chance to view more apps. But now instead of a true look at the top apps on the platform, you’ll now just see the top titles you’ve not installed. That’s a substantial difference.

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