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4K Movie Prices

Apple, Studios Can't Find Agreement on 4K Movie Prices

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August 29, 2017

4K movie prices are at the center of the latest conflict between Apple and Hollywood film studios. The standoff continues justs days before Cupertino is expected to announce a fifth-generation Apple TV with 4K, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Apple would like to charge $19.99 for ultra-high definition movies on the new device. This amount is similar to what the company already receives for new HD movies. The studios, however, have another idea. They want Apple to charge $5 to $10 more for 4K content.

With no agreement in sight and Apple’s fall event approaching (probably on Sept. 12), we could see a scenario where the new Apple TV launches without the ability to buy 4K movies.

As the report explains:

Conflicts over pricing between Apple and media companies are nothing new. The technology company typically argues lower prices will help expand a category and generate more long-term revenue, while studios often worry more about preserving profit margins and higher prices for higher quality formats.

I expect Apple and Hollywood to come to some agreement on 4K movies before Cupertino’s big event, which could also see the arrival of next-generation iPhones and Apple Watches.

Stay tuned.

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