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New TV App

Apple Showcases the New TV App for the Apple TV, iPhone and iPad

Working across the Apple TV and iOS devices, it is designed to be a unified TV experience
Apple TV
October 27, 2016

As previously rumored, Apple has just announced a new TV app at today’s special media event.

TV Time

TV Time
TV will also be available on the iPhone and iPad.

TV will also be available on the iPhone and iPad.

Simply called TV, it’s designed to make watching and finding content – including TV shows, movies, sports, and more – even easier. Along with the Apple TV, it can also be accessed on iOS devices.

To help unify the TV watching experience, the app will allow users to see all the shows and movies they are watching, find upcoming episodes, and get personalized recommendations on what to watch next. You can also view all of your iTunes videos. Probably the nicest feature is that you can start watching a show or movie directly through the app.

The app will be available via a software update to both the Apple TV and iOS devices by the end of the year.

Also arriving soon for the Apple TV will be the single sign-on feature. That will allow you to enter cable or satellite credentials in one place and access all of the available apps in your package.

You can read more about all the new features on Apple’s preview site.