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Apple Watch Availability Is Growing Limited Ahead of September's Refresh

Models are either sold out at Apple's website, or feature particularly long shipping times
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August 13, 2016

It looks like an Apple Watch refresh is indeed on the cards. Because online, at Apple's website, models are selling out fast – and some are available with particuarly long shipping times.

Two new Apple Watch models could launch in September.

Of course, now wouldn't be the best time to order yourself a first-generation Apple Watch, namely because one – or possibly two – new models are expected to launch in September, alongside Apple's next-generation iPhone handsets. One could be a faster version of the first-generation Apple Watch, and the other is said to be a fully-fledged second-gen model – though whether a hardware redesign will be part of Apple's offerings remains to be seen.

9to5mac observes that Apple Watch Sport, Stainless Steel, and Hermes models are selling out fast in the online store, at Apple's website. Some models are outright sold out, and others are facing shipping times of between four and six weeks. All Sport and Hermes models are sold out and unavailable to purchase.

At this point, it’s unlikely that Apple will go too far out of its way to replenish stock of any Apple Watch variants. Apple Watch 2 rumors have been picking up steam over recent months, with the device expected to feature faster internals, better waterproofing, GPS, and perhaps cellular connectivity.

Apple is expected to unveil its new Apple Watch at a special event in September. After dropping the price of the first-gen model earlier this year, pricing for Apple's new smartwatch offerings is still uncertain. Of course, we'll keep you posted with further information concerning the upcoming Apple Watch as we receive it.