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watchOS 4.3 Update

Apple's watchOS 4.3 Update Brings Back Missing Music Feature

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January 29, 2018

This spring, Apple Watch users will get to experience the watchOS 4.3 update. Now in beta, the update brings back an important music feature removed last year. It also includes another new feature worth considering.

The Return of iPhone Music Controls

In September, Apple removed the ability of Apple Watch users to control music from their iPhone. Instead, Apple Watch users can only currently control music found on the device or via Apple Music.

In the first watchOS 4.3 beta, there’s a new section in the Apple Watch Music app with the words “On iPhone.” When clicked, you can once again control music playback on an iPhone. You’re also able to use AirPlay to connect your iPhone to AirPlay speakers to control music from your watch. With the arrival of the Apple HomePod next month, this makes sense.

Vertical Nightstand Mode

Until now, Nightstand Mode has only worked when your Apple Watch is on its side. In the first watchOS 4.3 beta, Apple has added the ability to view this mode when the watch is in portrait orientation.

At some point, Apple’s finally going to release its AirPower charging pad, first announced last fall. A portrait Nightstand Mode now makes perfect sense, no?

Bug Fixes and Other Stuff

The watchOS 4.3 update also includes bug fixes, as updates always do.

Keep in mind that Apple can make further changes to the watchOS 4.3 update before it arrives to the public. We’ll let you know about these changes when they occur.