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iOS 11 storage

Apple's iOS 11 Storage Tools: New Ways to Help You Save Space

Apple's Software
June 6, 2017

There are new iOS 11 storage solutions for iPhone and iPad.

Apple’s making it easier to maximize storage space on iOS devices. A new storage tool found in the first iOS 11 beta offers personalized recommendations on how to save space on iPhone and iPad.


Located in the Settings app under General > iPhone Storage, the new tool offers system-specific recommendations on saving storage space. These recommendations may include reviewing large file attachments, identifying large Messages, and offloading unused apps when your device is low on storage.

The page also includes a list of installed apps sorted by size. You’ll also see the date when each app was last used. For further information, click on the app name. On the app-specific screens, you might see more storage recommendations or other details like Documents & Data, whether you can offload the app, and more.

Though storage space on iOS devices continues to rise (the new iPad Pros come with as much as 512GB of storage), it’s always nice to maximize that storage. This new tool in iOS 11 shows great promise.

Apple plans on releasing iOS 11 to the public this fall.

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