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Renew and Recycle

Apple’s Renew and Recycle Site Now Accepts Any Apple Watch

You can send the wearable device in for recycling
That iThingy You're Wearing
November 30, 2016

Apple has recently updated its Renew and Recycle site and will now allow users to turn in their old Apple Watch for free recycling. The change was first spotted by 9to5Mac.

Responsible recycling

Responsible recycling
The Renew and Recycling site.

The Renew and Recycling site.

To get started head to the site here. Select the section named “Apple Watch, iPod, or any other devices.” You will then be sent to the Sims Recycling Solutions site. After entering some information, the company will provide a free return label for the item.

Sims says that it has a zero-landfill policy and has a proven record of sustainability.

Just to note, you won’t receive any type of gift card for turning in the item. That’s unlike using the site to trade in other Apple products like an iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

If you’re looking to receive some cash for an Apple Watch, there are a few options out there including some trade-in companies like NextWorth. Currently, you can trade in the original 42mm Apple Watch Sport in good condition for $75 using the service. A 42mm stainless steel Apple Watch is worth around $125.