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AppLovin Contest Winner Dungeon Tiles Is Coming Our Way

This grand prize winning game is heading to tvOS and iOS
Pocket Gaming
June 15, 2016

The strategic puzzle game Dungeon Tiles is scheduled to launch for both tvOS and iOS on June 29. The Apple TV App Challenge, hosted by AppLovin, awarded the creator Takashi Iyoda a nice $25,000 prize for his work. But, what is this winning puzzle game with role-playing elements all about?

Dungeon Tiles two-player mode

Dungeon Tiles two-player mode


Players will swipe the screen to move the tiles in the same direction with a goal of combining tiles of the same color to score. Tiles include swords, dragons, lives, and gold and the cumulative total for matches will display. Swords reduce the dragon score and dragons reduce the lives score. To improve your level, raise the experience bar by slaying dragons.

Here is a preview of Dungeon Tiles and just click here if you cannot view it:

So, what won Iyoda the prize for this puzzle, RPG combination? According to AppLovin in their announcement of the winning game on their blog:

Judges were blown away by the quality of Dungeon Tiles, a game that pairs 2048 mechanics with RPG sensibilities.

Dungeon Tiles is a fun and sophisticated game with knock-out graphics that really lent themselves to the TV screen. The gameplay is deceptive, in the best way: when users start playing the game, it seems simple, but it gets more challenging quickly.

- AppLovin

Again, Dungeon Tiles is scheduled to launch for both tvOS and iOS on June 29, according to a recent TouchArcade article. For more game details and updates on the release, be sure to check back with AppAdvice.