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Artificial Intelligence

Apple and IBM Expand Partnership Into Artificial Intelligence

Apple + Enterprise
March 20, 2018

Apple and IBM have announced an expansion of a nearly four-year-old partnership between the two companies. The two behemoths will now team up on an artificial intelligence service, according to Fortune.

According to the report, the new initiative will combine IBM’s Watson AI system with Apple’s Core ML framework to create smart mobile apps.

They explain:

The partnership capitalizes on Apple’s consumer technology-know how and IBM’s expertise in enterprise technology. The idea is for IBM to sell corporate apps co-created with Apple’s design team for business customers to use on mobile devices, and for Apple to then sell those iPhones and iPads to businesses.

Coca-Cola is the first company involved in the program. The Atlanta, Georgia-based company is testing Watson Services for Core ML to see if it helps its field technicians better inspect vending machines.

Apple and IBM first announced a sweeping partnership that has brought enterprise solutions to mobile devices in 2014.

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