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AT&T Unlimited Plus

AT&T Unlimited Plus and Unlimited Choice Plans Arrive This Week

February 27, 2017

What are the new AT&T Unlimited Plus and Unlimited Choice Plans?

Less than two weeks after announcing new unlimited data plans, AT&T is going back and making some adjustments. Beginning this week, the No. 2 carrier in the U.S. is introducing two new plans: Unlimited Plus and Unlimited Choice.

With AT&T Unlimited Plus, a single line will cost you $90 per month. It includes unlimited talk, text, and data at up to 4G LTE speeds. You’ll also receive video streamed in high-definition. However, by default AT&T lowers the video quality to around 480p using its Stream Saver plan. You can turn this off through myAT&T.

This plan also limits 4G LTE tethering to 10GB per month per line. After that, speeds drop to a maximum of 128 Kbps for the rest of the billing cycle. After 22GB of overall data use, AT&T can also slow things down.

AT&T Unlimited Plus offers two lines for $145 per month, with each additional line or device after that priced at $20 more per month.

For a limited time, AT&T Unlimited Plus customers can also receive a $25 billing credit towards DirecTV, DirecTV NOW, or AT&T U-verse each month.

AT&T Unlimited Choice starts at $60 per month for a single line and includes unlimited talk, text, and data at up to 3 Mbps speeds. The plan doesn’t offer a tethering option, and you can’t receive a discount for bundling DirecTV, DirecTV NOW, or U-verse.

Under this plan, two lines start at $115 per month, which each additional line or device costing $20 more per month.

Other devices on both plans can include tablets and hotspots.

AT&T previously announced unlimited plan offered a single line starting at $100 per month, with lines No. 2 and No. 3 costing $40 per month. Line No. 4 was free, bringing the price of four lines on one account to $180 per month.

Under the AT&T Unlimited Plus plan, the cost of four lines actually rises to $185 per month. However, this plan includes tethering and the DirecTV discount option, while the previous one did not.

AT&T’s Unlimited Plus and Unlimited Choice plans become available beginning on Thursday, March 2.

Facing increasing competition, U.S. carriers in recent weeks have once against embraced unlimited data plans. For the current offerings from Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile, see:

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