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A Beginner’s Guide to Woven - A Smarter Calendar App

April 14, 2020

Like all good app ideas, Woven is the solution to a problem. More specifically, it’s the solution to a problem identified by Tim Campos, former Chief Information Officer at Facebook, and Burc Arpat, a former engineering leader at Google and Facebook with a specialist interest in AI.

The problem: scheduling meetings and other events can be a nightmare, because there are numerous platforms, calendars, and channels of communication.

The aim of Woven is to make scheduling easier by integrating all of your existing calendars into one, and letting you manage this calendar with a comprehensive and cohesive suite of tools. It can even sync multiple Google accounts, as well as Office 365 Beta.

Every aspect of a meeting or event, from time and date to location to stakeholders to follow-ups, is woven together into one seamless interaction on a single app.

Problem solved.



Woven has a number of features distinguishing it from its rivals in the productivity space. The first we’re going to cover is the Smart Template.

Recognising that meetings and events tend to fall into a number of categories – interviews, client meetings, sales meetings, lunch, coffee, etc – Woven allows you to create templates so that you don’t have to go through the rigmarole of establishing the details and parameters of a meeting from scratch every time.

Creating a Smart Template literally couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is tap “Template” at the outset of the event creation process or “Create Template” during it.

From here you can establish a number of recursive parameters, including attendees, times, videoconferencing information, locations, and so on. You can add custom tags, too, helping you not only to plan but to review and analyze your timetable using the app’s analytics.

And you don’t just have to schedule meetings. You can use templates to block off regular chunks of time for, e.g., writing reviews, meditating, exercising, or whatever.

Next up, we’ve got integrated Scheduling Links. These do away with the need for emails, or any other additional steps that might arise from you and your invitees using different calendars, which, as we’ve all no doubt experienced, turns traditional calendar link tools into extra chores.

Woven Scheduling Links are static, one-time, public links with your availability embedded into them. All your invitees need to do is click on the link and choose a time. No emails, no unnecessary extra steps. The whole meeting is handled in-app. Plus, Woven has Siri and iMessage integration, so you can schedule with your voice.

Addressing another common shortcoming of existing scheduling tools, Woven lets you create custom links for particular individuals if you like. Scheduling Links can be personalized or published.

There are iOS integrations including Siri Shortcuts and iMessage – so you can schedule things with ease straight from your iOS device. You can invite guests to schedule by sending them Woven Scheduling Link via text, or even voice command with Siri Shortcuts.

The key point is that you have no reason to exit Woven while organizing your calendar. Whether you’re an estate agent arranging viewings, a consultant arranging meetings, a photographer arranging assignments, or whatever, you can take care of the whole process in one place.

Group Polls, baked right into the app, let you and a whole group of stakeholders thrash out times by quickly and easily stating a preference. Woven keeps track of responses as they come in, and when everybody’s participated and a time is set the app will let everybody know the details.

Finally, there’s Smart Time Finding. Thanks to Woven’s AI pedigree, the app can take everybody’s availability to make its own recommendations about the best time to meet. The more you use Woven, the cleverer it becomes, and the more time you save in turn as the app progressively unburdens you of minor scheduling tasks.

If that’s not enough there are also Real-Time Analytics that monitor how you spend your time and actively look to improve your productivity and make sure you’re using your time in the best way possible.

Woven is currently free to download, so now would be an excellent time to try it out on the App Store and desktop – with an Android build coming soon.