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Bentley's New Apple Watch App Brings in-Car Controls to Your Wrist

You can even initiate massages from your Apple Watch using the recently released application
May 5, 2016

Bentley, the maker of a string of luxury cars, has released a brand new application for the Apple Watch which brings in-car controls to the wrists of Bentayga SUV passengers.

Jony Ive should be pleased with the news.

According to a press release from Bentley (via MacRumors), the application uses “bespoke digital architecture” in order to sync up the watchOS application with the car's Touch Screen Remote (TSR) system. In this way, Bentley's Apple Watch application allows users to interact with the car's on-board software, adjusting the temperature in the vehicle, turning the music up (or down), and even activating the massage functions of the Bentley's seats. Jony Ive, Apple's senior vice president of Design (who also travels to Cupertino every day in a Bentley) should be pleased with the news.

Dan Whittaker, Director of Electrical and Electronics at Bentley, said:

The Bentayga is technologically advanced and combines this with luxury in a way only Bentley can achieve. This new Apple Watch connectivity is another example of how we are constantly innovating in order to enhance the customer experience.

More impressively, users can also check on car information including current speed, distance travelled, and the temperature outside of the vehicle. The application is all-round perfect for anyone lucky (or rather rich) enough to be driven around in one of Bentley's Bentayga TSR cars.

Prices for the car start at $229,100. The Bentayga TSR app for Apple Watch, on the other hand, is free download.

Bentayga TSR
Bentayga TSR
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