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Apple AirPods Go Dark Thanks to New BlackPods Service

March 3, 2017

New York-based BlackPods has become the second company to offer Apple AirPods in a non-white color choice. They join Colorware, which launched a more robust colorized Apple AirPods service in February.

As the name suggests, BlackPods is only offering Apple’s popular product in black. In this case, with a “medium-gloss black finish.”

The company explains that it follows “a proprietary coating system” for the Apple AirPods, according to a “three-phase approach” first created for the automotive industry. They note, “BlackPods are the perfect complement to any Black, Jet Black, or Space Gray iPhone.”

BlackPods are available for $249. You can have the coating applied to an existing pair of Apple AirPods for $99. The process takes “takes 3-5 days to complete (shipping time excluded).”



With ColorWare, you can buy a pair of Apple AirPods in 58 different colors, including solids and metallics. You can choose from either a gloss or a matte finish. What’s more, you can have your left AirPod an entirely different color from the right. You can even colorize the charging case for your AirPods, picking a matching color or one widely different.

For this, ColorWare charges $339, with the first shipments expected to go out in June. If you’d rather not colorize your Apple AirPods case, the price is $299. For $160, you can send ColorWare your Apple AirPods for colorization. You’ll receive these orders in two to three weeks.

For $200, you can send ColorWare your current pair of Apple AirPods for colorization. This service costs $40 less without case colorization. You’ll receive these orders in two to three weeks.

Interestingly, these prices are $10 higher since the service first launched.

Given that regular Apple AirPods cost $159, these third-party colorization services can fast become an expensive proposition. Imagine spending $339 for a pair of earbuds only to see Apple release a second-generation model later this year.

First-generation Apple AirPods remain a difficult find. Orders placed today, March 3, won’t arrive until April 21.