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Bragi's The Dash Wireless Earphones Can Soon Be Controlled With a Tap on the Cheek

Bragi's special interface will first bring Siri control
November 3, 2016

With an upcoming software update, Bragi is looking to bring new meaning to the word remote control.



The company is planning to introduce a new feature for its high-end completely wireless earphones – The Dash.

Called MyTap, it will allow users to control the earphones without touching them. To start, you’ll be able to activate Siri by simply touching your cheek. In the future, users will be able to answer calls with a simple head nod up or down. Changing the song will just require a quick touch to the face.

Here’s a video that explains more about how the Bragi Kinetic User Interface works.

Purchase the earphones now

Purchase the earphones now
The Dash can also be used to track heart rate, playback music, and more.

The Dash can also be used to track heart rate, playback music, and more.

There are two different colors of The Dash available to purchase – black or white. You can snag the black version for $280.44 while the white edition is $298.44 through

Along with the earphones themselves, buyers will receive a charging cradle and three different sizes of FitSleeves to help find that perfect fit. The battery can provide up to three hours of music playback on a single charge. The cradle can charge the earphones up to five times.

All users can download the software update starting on Monday, Nov. 21 from Bragi’s site here.

Other improvements arriving with Bragi OS 2.2 will include improved heart rate measurement, better Bluetooth connectivity, and more.

While The Dash is almost twice as expensive as Apple’s forthcoming AirPods, the Kinetic User Interface definitely looks interesting.