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Bubble Shooter is an Endlessly Entertaining Action-Puzzler on Mobile

February 4, 2020

Bubble Shooter is one of the most timeless games on the planet. Arriving on PC in 2002 and later on mobile, its simple addictive bubble-popping gameplay has remained mostly unchanged. You can’t improve on perfection, after all.

The aim of the game is simple. Across the top of the screen is an array of colored bubbles. You control a turret at the bottom of the screen that fires bubbles upwards, and your goal is to hit clusters of bubbles with a bubble of the same color to clear them.

The game’s secret is its perfectly judged mix of skill and strategy. You need to approach the bubbles in the right way, ensuring that you don’t choke up the screen with a mess of random colors or block off your options. Sound tactics are key, but you also need accurate aiming and fast reflexes. There’s something for everyone.

Of course, Bubble Shooter doesn’t confine itself to a single basic game mechanic. There’s a whole range of challenges and puzzles to work your way through, across literally thousands of levels. More are being added all the time, too.

Bubble Shooter comes with all the mod cons you’d expect from a cutting edge casual game, including leaderboards, achievements, daily rewards, events, Facebook integration, a constant stream of prizes, and a variety of boosts and power-ups. For instance, clearing seven bubbles at once gives you a fireball, while ten or more will net you a bomb, allowing you to clear great swathes of the screen with a single blast.

Players can enjoy card collections and seasonal events that are synced with important holidays and even sports events. For those who look for a friendly competition, there are races (so you can compete against other bubble pros online) and plenty of fun quests to spice up your bubble shooting experience.

Plus, there’s possibly our favorite feature: a colorblind mode, so that colorblind players don’t have to sit out the color-matching fun.

Bubble Shooter, which was developed for mobile by Ilyon, has been downloaded more than 100 million times and is very popular all over the world, played in places like the US, India, Europe, Africa, and even South America.

Join the party for free right now – you can play the original Bubble Shooter on the App Store now. It’s also available on Google Play.