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Tasty One Top

BuzzFeed's Tasty One Top is a Bluetooth-Enabled Induction Cooktop

July 27, 2017

BuzzFeed is making an interesting move into the kitchen with its new Tasty One Top. An extension of its Tasty brand, the smart induction cooktop tracks both the temperature of the pot or pan and your food and adjusts accordingly.

The $149 device connects via Bluetooth to your iPhone and the new Tasty app featuring more than 1,700 different video recipes.

Developed in conjunction with the help of GE Appliance’s First Build team, the device can be used for pan cooking, pot cooking, slow cooking, sous vide, and more.

Using the app, cooks can watch videos and also explore recipes with what they have in their own kitchen. You can also search for videos based on the time of day, event, difficulty, speed, or specific dietary needs. There are complete instruction for every video recipe.

You can preorder the Tasty One Top now for at the product’s site. It will start shipping in November 2017.

The new app


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