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You Can Now Review Apple’s Own Stock Apps

September 30, 2021

The ability to rate apps on the App Store has always been a way for users to let others know of their experience before someone else downloads (or pays) for a title.

Apple’s own stock apps, like Podcasts, Weather, and many more, have never been open to review. But that has changed.

As first spotted by 9to5Mac, you can now rate any of Apple’s built-in apps on your iPhone or iPad. The change apparently happened sometime after Apple released iOS and iPadOS 15 earlier this month.

And users have wasted no time providing their opinions on Apple’s app prowess.

Even if you’re not rating Apple’s app, reading some of the reviews should provide a nice laugh—especially for lower-rated apps like Podcasts, which currently sports a 2.0 rating.

It’s not all bad for Apple’s apps as the redesigned Weather app currently has a 3.7 rating while Apple Music sports a 3.6 rating,