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Mythic Heroes Is an Idle-RPG from IGG, and it’s Out Now in 80 Territories

October 1, 2021

IGG has conquered the mobile strategy gaming world with hits like Lords Mobile, Castle Clash, and Conquerors. It’s looking to do the same in the idle-RPG world with Mythic Heroes, one of the most eagerly awaited games of 2021.

True to its name, Mythic Heroes sees you summoning various heroes, gods, and real historical figures from across world culture and sending them into battle. The game’s cast of heroes includes everybody from Joan of Arc to Lucifer, Gaia to Anubis, and Izanami to Mulan.

You’ll also encounter Persephone, Zeus, Dionysus, and Hades, all of whom you may recognize from another ace game.

Battles take place across ten in-game continents, meanwhile, based on places like Ancient Greece, Mesopotamia, Ancient China, and so on.

Because Mythic Heroes is an idle-RPG, you can choose how involved you’d like to be in the unfolding carnage. There’s plenty to do for budding Napoleons, but you can also make good progress by sitting back and letting your heroes do their thing.

Either way. Mythic Heroes is a polished RPG with a comprehensive multiplayer element that lets you make friends, join guilds, and chat in real-time with your fellow players.

The game is already available in 80 regions, including Belgium, Fiji, and the Philippines, so there’s a good chance you’ve got it on your phone right now. If not, you can still earn rewards by pre-registering.

IGG has even created a couple of codes that you can enter in-game to bag some extra goodies. Once you’ve downloaded Mythic Heroes you can enter the code MH8888 for 20 free Summons, while MH7777 will give you 3000 Diamonds.

To get started, head to the App Store or Google Play Store by clicking right here.