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Carpool Karaoke trailer

See Apple Music's First Carpool Karaoke Trailer From the 2017 Grammys

The series still doesn't have a release date
February 13, 2017

It’s finally here. The first Apple Music Carpool Karaoke trailer arrived during Sunday’s 2017 Grammy Awards. The trailer, like the series itself, features an all-star cast including Will Smith, Chelsea Handler, Blake Shelton, and more.

First announced in July, Apple Music’s Carpool Karaoke serves as a spin-off of a segment from CBS’s “The Late Late Show with James Corden” that stars Corden. Apple has ordered 16 episodes of the CBS Television Studio and Corden produced series.

Apple Music’s Carpool Karaoke will feature a revolving cast of hosts, in a change first announced by executive producers Corden, Eric Pankowski, and Ben Winston at the TCA winter press tour in January.

“We’re really excited about the pairings we’re putting together,” Corden said. Those pairings include more traditional musical choices like John Legend with Alicia Keys and Seth MacFarlane with Ariana Grande, but also more outside-the-box choices like Billy Eichner in the passenger seat, surrounded by the band Metallica, or former NFL star and talk show host Michael Strahan with NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon.

“What James does is so special and singular, it was silly, as we figured out how to make a full series, to try and replicate that,” Winston said.

In the one minute trailer, you can see retired NFL great and TV personality Michael Strahan with NASCAR’s Jeff Gordon and members of Metallica with comedian Billy Eichner.

Despite the Carpool Karaoke trailer release, the series still doesn’t have a launch date, although it should be sometime this year.

Are you excited about Carpool Karaoke on Apple Music? Leave your comments below. 

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