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Chat on a grid of message boards with Gabbermap

Discover something new with conversations on a map
Digital Communicator
March 28, 2016

Most maps and city guides show you the attractions, landmarks, and dining options that you can find anywhere. But, how many apps show you a garage sale down the street or how long of a wait there is at your favorite restaurant? Gabbermap is a new way to communicate, as well as find interesting stuff, all placed on a map grid.

Post your own items

See what others share

You can see when an item has been posted and take a look at the comment. Have conversations right within the app about places, events, or interests that are shared by others.

Post your own items

Know who has the best burger in town? Having a yard sale you want to announce? Is there a spot with a perfect view near you? Post your comments on the grid for other users to explore.

Discover something new

You never know what you might see on the grid. And, if you are traveling to a destination you have never visited, open the app and find hot spots from people who know.

Gabbermap is a neat way to not only find new spots, but chat with others about them. From local events to how busy it is at the diner to where family-friendly restrooms are located, the possibilities are endless with what you can share and discover. You can also add photos to your posts, invite friends, and search for something specific.

Gabbermap is available for free on the App Store without in-app purchases. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

grab the app and start gabbing for free

Gabbermap - Chat and find cool stuff on a map
Gabbermap - Chat and find cool stuff on a map
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