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Chill out with Ice Smash, a frosty brick-breaking game

Can you smash through the ice just right to keep moving?
Pocket Gaming
March 4, 2016

Ice Smash – Amazing Brick Breaking Game is a new brick-breaker that will challenge you to keep your star hopping and your score jumping. As your star continues to bounce, smash through the blue ice cubes to continue moving downward. But, look out for spikes, gaps, and other surprises.

Tap to move

Tap to move

Your star will continue bouncing, so just tap right or left on the screen to move in that direction. Your goal is to drop down as many levels as you can and you receive a point each time you succeed.

Watch out because as soon as you hit a spike, it’s game over. You will also see gaps that you must hop over, otherwise you will fail and have to begin again.

Plan ahead

Plan ahead

Look to see what is coming up on the next level you will drop to so that you can prepare to move. You are able to move left and right while in the air. Sometimes this is very necessary to avoid what is coming below.

In addition, the screen continues to move downward, so be careful not to run out of room.

Ice Smash is much more challenging than you would expect, feeling almost impossible at times. However, the game is hard to put down, especially when you are determined to beat your previous score.

You can unlock 30 different characters and collect gems to increase your score. Ice Smash – Amazing Brick Breaking Game is designed for iPhone and iPad. It is available for free on the App Store and is ad-supported.

Ice Smash is available for free on iPhone and iPad

Ice Smash - Amazing Brick Breaking Game
Ice Smash - Amazing Brick Breaking Game