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Continue the Adventure With a New Update to Way of the Turtle on Apple Arcade

February 24, 2020

Apple Arcade launched in September with so many games, you might have overlooked some true hidden gems like Way of the Turtle.

More Levels, Enemies and Items

More Levels, Enemies and Items

The charming platformer follows two turtles on their journey to reunite on a far away tropical island. Even though the island is beautiful, there are some surprising enemies to battle. But thankfully, both turtles will be befriended by helpful gophers who help the pair.

While the game is inspired by metroidvania titles and offers a number of RPG elements, it’s easy enough for any age to learn and is definitely great for families.

And now is the time to play the game with a recent update.

You can now play through six new levels, almost doubling the playtime. One of the additional levels include a new volcano level.

With new levels, additional enemies are ready to attack the heroes including a huge new boss.

Along with additional map functionality, the new gopher berry soda will replenish all of your heath in one sitting. You can also upgrade the gopher finder and shard finer.

Way of the Turtle
Way of the Turtle
Illusion Labs AB

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