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Could This Be Proof That Siri for Mac Is About to Launch?

The fact that Siri is aware of a Mac-only application like Finder could suggest that the virtual personal assistant is OS X-bound
Apple's Software
June 11, 2016

Siri is expected to make the leap to Mac with the next release of OS X, or rather, “macOS.” It now seems proof could have indeed been found which indicates that such a move is imminent.

Brian Roemelle (via 9to5mac) discovered recently that when iOS users ask Siri a question about opening settings “in the window,” Siri answers back with a statement which references Finder: a Mac-only application which isn't available on any of the Apple devices Siri officially supports.

This is indeed odd, and although it's not unequivocal proof of Siri's impending release on the Mac platform, such a move does make sense. After all, WWDC is also expected to see Apple officially announce “macOS,” the new name for its Mac desktop operating system, OS X. This naming convention aligns the Mac OS alongside iOS, watchOS, and tvOS; all three other operating systems offer Siri as a core feature, and so it would make sense for macOS to do the same.

Indeed, we've heard about the possibility of Siri for OS X – or rather, Siri for macOS – before. Back in February, a report claimed that Siri for Mac was indeed inbound, and would live inside the Menu Bar on Mac computers. It's said to have its own pane in System Preferences, and it should also support the familiar “Hey Siri” command, provided the associated Mac is plugged into a power source. There'll also be the option of configuring a keyboard shortcut for Siri, too (currently, a double-press of the Function key activates Dictation in OS X).

Of course, we'll know nothing for sure until WWDC kicks off with Apple's keynote event on Monday. We'll be covering the event live, so check back with us for all of the day's news as it happens.