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iPhone 8 Infrared Face Unlock

Developer Finds Mention of 'iPhone 8' Infrared Face Detection in Apple HomePod Firmware

Credit: iDropNews
An "iPhone 8" render.
Apple's Software
July 31, 2017

While everyone else was watching “Game of Thrones,” developer Steven Troughton-Smith was doing some digging inside the firmware of Apple’s upcoming HomePod.

And what he found confirms that the “iPhone 8” will feature some type of infrared face unlock capability in an aptly named BiometricKit and elsewhere.

Some type of new biometric feature has long been rumored for the handset, but this is the first definitive proof we’ve seen that shows exactly what’s in store for the next iPhone.

Another developer, Guilherme Rambo, also stumbled on what appears to be the official icon of the “iPhone 8” also located in the HomePod firmware.

What’s also interesting about that icon is that is remarkably similar to the same image found on an apparent leak of the new iPhone’s SIM eject tool packaging.

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