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DoubleTake by Filmic Pro Allows You to Shoot Video From Two iPhone Cameras Simultaneously

January 28, 2020

First shown at the iPhone 11 event in September, Filmic’s new DoubleTake app is now available to download.

A Number of Shooting Options

A Number of Shooting Options

As you probably could tell by the name, the app allows you to capture video from two cameras simultaneously.

To begin, the camera picker view shows all of the available cameras so you can select which view to include in the shot. Along with using a front and rear-facing camera at the same time, you can also select a combination of rear lenses.

When recording a video, you can see both lenses with a picture-in-picture window. That can be moved around the screen, zoomed in, or swiped away. You can select if the recording output is two separate files or a single file with both videos.

There is also a spilt-screen output option that can be saved as a single video.

It’s also possible to set and lock focus and exposure on both videos.

All video is recorded at 1080p, and you can select 24fps, 25fps, or 30fps.

The app can be downloaded now on the App Store for free. It’s compatible with the iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, and iPhone XR.

Filmic is promising to add the feature to its popular Filmic Pro app in the future.