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Sky: Children of the Light Unveils New Adventure With Season of Rhythm

January 27, 2020

We named Sky: Children of the Light one of our best games of 2019 for good reason. From developer thatgamecompany, the team behind the iconic Flower, the game is a beautiful social adventure.

A Beautiful Winter Adventure

A Beautiful Winter Adventure

And a new adventure has recently launched. Season of Rhythm brings a winter touch to the game.

Offering a winter theme, the adventure focuses on a traveling troupe of performers who were accidentally disbanded across the kingdom. You’ll need to team up with other players to bring everyone back together in time.

You’ll need to explore all of the kingdom’s six realms to redeem the visiting spirit ancestors and their memories.

There will also be a number of great collectibles to track down like capes, masks, instruments, and a seasonal pendant.

The performers will also teach you six new expressions like welcome and dance.

Finally, the home area of the game has been makeover with a snowy look and also offers an ice rink to skate with friends.

Sky: Children of the Light can be downloaded now on the App Store for free and is for the iPhone and all iPad models. All of the Season of Rhythm content can be activated as an in-app purchase of $9.99. You can also unlock the content for you and two additional friends in the game for $19.99.

There are also other in-app purchases available that unlock additional content.

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Sky: Children of the Light
Sky: Children of the Light