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Google Docs

Dropbox Offers Closer Integration with Google Docs, Sheets, Slides

Getting Stuff Done
March 1, 2018

Dropbox has just announced a new partnership with Google that will bring close integration with the entire G Suite of titles – Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

Starting later this year, Dropbox users can create, open, edit, save documents to Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides from Dropbox. When in Dropbox, users will even be able to save documents to the Dropbox account.

“We want to make it easy for our users to work across devices with the tools they love,” said Tony Lee, VP of Engineering at Dropbox. “This partnership with Google Cloud is one more way we’re creating a unified home for content and the conversations around it. We’re excited to work with Google to break down silos and centralize the information teams rely on every day.”

“Our goal is to make G Suite accessible no matter what tools you bring to work, and these integrations help our shared customers better collaborate in the tools they use every day,” said Ritcha Ranjan, Director, Product Management at Google Cloud. “Working with Dropbox to make our apps work better together helps our customers focus their time on work that matters.”

Past the integration with G Suite, Dropbox is planning to bring new features to Gmail and Google Hangouts. Users will be able to select files from Dropbox and send links from Gmail or Hangouts Chat.