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Edison's OnMail Arrives to Help Modernize Your Email With Unique Features

April 27, 2021

Edison’s new OnMail email service has moved out of beta and now available to all users.

Block Senders Before an Email Arrives

Block Senders Before an Email Arrives

The new app allows you to better manage an overflowing email inbox.

To begin, for paid accounts, you can sync all of your existing email services to OnMail including Gmail, Outlook, and iCloud. You’ll still be able to use those existing email addresses and use the OnMail features.

You’ll be able to search for email with a Natural Language engine and also make use of features like Smart Reply and Suggested Unsubscribe.

All users can take advantage of the ability to accept a sender or block someone before they enter your inbox. Any other unwanted messages can be taken care of with an unsubscribe or block sender feature.

It also block hidden spot pixels and read receipts. Senders are also checked for other potential security issues.

You can download OnMail on the App Store now. It’s for the iPhone and all iPad models.

A free version offers 10GB of storage and a 100MB attachment file size limit. There are two paid tiers – a $49.99 per year personal plan or a professional plan that’s $99.99 per year for each user.

The paid plans offers additional features like more storage, a larger attachment file size limit, custom domain support, password protected large file links, and more. You can read more about both options here.