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ChargePoint Charging Stations

Electric Vehicle Owners Can Now Use Apple Maps to Locate ChargePoint Charging Stations

There are more than 31,000 ChargePoint charging stations
The World Around You
December 8, 2016

The world’s largest provider of electric vehicle charging stations, ChargePoint, has recently confirmed new integration with Apple Maps. You can now easily find ChargePoint charging stations through the navigation app built into iOS 10.

Chargepoint Charging Stations With Apple Pay

Chargepoint Charging Stations With Apple Pay
You can view ChargePoint locations and get directions using Apple Maps.

You can view ChargePoint locations and get directions using Apple Maps.

ChargePoint, the world’s largest electric vehicle (EV) charging network today announced an integration with Apple Maps that lets drivers click on new EV Charger badges on Apple Maps… Right from their iPhone they can start charging, pay, and see other station details. Once they’re done charging they can navigate to their next destination. The presence of charging station badges on maps reinforces that EVs are going mainstream, with chargers popping up everywhere to make driving electric easy.

In Apple Maps, electric vehicle owners can view other information like directions, hours of operation, and pricing.

Using a link in Maps, users can also automatically open up the ChargePoint app to initiate a charge and complete payment via Apple Pay.

There are more than 31,200 ChargePoint charging stations available. You can check out a real-time map of locations here.

It’s been a year since we officially heard that Apple Maps took the lead over Google’s navigation app on iOS devices, and Apple is continuing to make the product even better.

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