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ESPN Scores Big With Its Very Own iMessage App

Share scores and watch game highlights, all without leaving iMessage
Sports Center
September 13, 2016

The worldwide leader in sports is now taking the lead when it comes to sports-oriented messaging extensions. And by that, I mean ESPN now has its own iMessage app in iOS 10.

ESPN scores in iMessage

ESPN scores in iMessage

Unlike most iMessage apps, ESPN’s features neither sticker packs nor animated GIFs. But then again, most iMessage apps are not geared toward athletics aficionados.

Share scores

Instead of stickers and GIFs, ESPN offers the ability to share scores while chatting with your fellow sports fans right within iMessage, without leaving iMessage. No need to Google scores or refer to the ESPN app itself.

Browse and search

ESPN’s iMessage extension lets you browse scores across popular sports events, leagues, and associations as well as scores concerning your favorite teams. It also allows you to search for scores by team.

Watch highlights

In addition to helping you and your pals keep abreast with the scores that you care about, ESPN lets you watch videos of game highlights still without having to leave iMessage.

More ESPN updates

More ESPN updates

Apart from its new iMessage extension, ESPN has been updated with a handful of other notable improvements.

There’s the revamped widget that looks and feels right at home on iOS 10. There’s also support for 3D Touch, allowing you to press the app icon to read the latest news about your favorite teams, watch an ESPN live stream, or listen to ESPN radio directly from the home screen.

ESPN now also supports Apple Watch complications to enable you to easily track your favorite games and teams right on your wrist.

Moreover, the new version of ESPN features game cards in the favorites feed, a new WWE clubhouse, and support for Spanish-language sports coverage.


ESPN - Get scores, news, and watch live sports
ESPN - Get scores, news, and watch live sports

The ESPN iMessage extension may be installed from the iMessage App Store. To download it, open the iMessage App Drawer, tap the Store icon, and search for “ESPN.”