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Draw Up Some Fun, Etermax Brings Mattel’s Pictionary to iOS

The popular draw-and-guess game goes digital
Pocket Gaming
April 27, 2017

In a partnership with Mattel, Trivia Crack creator Etermax has released the digital version of the popular board game Pictionary. The announcement comes today, April 27, and so does the draw-and-guess game’s official launch. Are you ready to draw up some fun? Here are the details.


You will choose from two game modes, turn-based or quick draw. Turn-based mode lets you play at your own pace and when you have time. The quick draw mode is a real-time game, so be ready.

Then, you can pick a player to challenge, search for a pal, or select a random opponent.

Using a variety of drawing tools and colors, you will draw words that are divided into four categories. These include objects, actions, difficult, and person, place, or animal.

Once you complete your masterpiece, send it to your opponent for them to guess what you drew.

After your opponent takes their turn, you will receive their drawing and take your turn at guessing. You will see slots for the number of letters in the word and pop them in from your keyboard.

If you guess wrong, just try again or use a hint. But, if you guess right, you will receive coins.

Collect valuable coins so that you can activate more hints, unlock additional tools like a highlighter, or upgrade those you own like the pencil.

You can also collect gems to skip the wait time for opening prize chests you receive from correct guesses.

From Etermax CEO, Maximo Cavazzani:

We are very proud to have joined this Pictionary™ challenge and to take it to the next level. Once again we have managed to merge two platforms −real and mobile− to create a game that will capture the attention of families around the world.

Pictionary on iOS is an enjoyable challenge and quite similar to the board game you remember. You do not have to be a good artist to play or win and that is part of the fun.

Are you ready to play? Pictionary is available for free on the App Store with in-app purchases for additional gems.


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