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Even First Adopters Should Consider Buying An Apple Watch Nike+

Why I'm ditching my stainless steel Apple Watch this year
That iThingy You're Wearing
October 25, 2016

Here’s why I convinced myself to buy an Apple Watch Series 2, thereby replacing my more expensive first-generation model.

Like many first adopters, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on an Apple Watch when it first arrived in stores in spring 2015. As a long-time watch buyer, I knew it was important for me to buy one with a sapphire crystal display and stainless steel case. For this, I gladly paid $600.

I convinced myself that I wouldn’t be buying a new Watch until at least 2017 when a remodeled version would likely arrive. My feelings didn’t change after the Apple Watch Series 2 announcement in early September. There was no way I could justify spending another $600 to get an identical Watch, even one that was water resistant and had a better processor.

Then it hit me. While $600 was too much for me to spend, $400 was not. At the lower price, I could justify buying a new Apple Watch every year, even if that meant giving up a more durable screen and casing. Once I got to that point in my thinking, choosing the new Apple Watch to buy was simple.

Apple and Nike are two of my favorite companies. Better still, they’ve had a long history of working together on fitness products. Remember the iPod sensor? Therefore, on Friday, I’m (finally) getting my $399 42mm black/gray Apple Watch Nike+.

Internally, the Nike+ model is the same as other Series 2 models, except that it features some unique faces and the Nike Sport Band, which is exclusive to the Nike models. Instead of sapphire crystal and a stainless steel case, this model includes Ion-X glass and an aluminum case. This combination is fine for a watch I’ll probably only keep for a year.

You can pick-up your own Apple Watch Nike+ at Apple and at retail stores like Dick’s Sporting Goods, Macys, and Best Buy. Models start at $349.

Have you purchased a new Apple Watch to replace an older model?

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