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Every App That Works With Apple Siri, Voice Commands to Use

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September 20, 2016

For the first time, third-party apps can work with Siri on iOS, courtesy of Apple’s new SiriKit. Finding those apps that support Siri in the App Store isn’t easy. It’s also difficult to find out the Siri commands that you may use for each app. Until now, that is.

AppAdvice has implemented a new Siri feature on our app web pages. Now, whenever an iOS app or game supports Apple’s voice assistant, you’ll know. Better still, we’ll show you the commands that work best with Siri for each App Store title.

Getting started

Our “Best App Store Collections” page features two permanent Siri lists including Best Apps With Siri Support and Apps That Work With Siri.

The first of these lists feature the highest-rated Siri-supported iOS apps on the App Store. The second list, as its name suggests, includes every iOS app that works with Siri. Expect the content on both lists to change often as more apps are released or updated to support Siri.

See the commands

So you’ve found a great app that supports Siri. It’s now time to find the voice commands it supports. To find a Siri command, click on the App Store link for any of the apps highlighted on either list mentioned above.

As an example, let’s look at The Roll camera app:

As you can see, this page offers a running list of Siri commands that work with this app. In doing so, you can find the app, look at the commands, and have a lot more fun with your iOS device.

Tell us the Siri-enabled apps you’re using on iOS. Use the comments box below.