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Apple HomePod Reviews

The First Apple HomePod Reviews Are Here: The Good and Bad

February 6, 2018

On Friday, Feb. 9, the public will finally get to decide for themselves whether it’s a must-have product to buy. Until then, we’re left with the first wave of Apple HomePod reviews which are now available online.

The Siri-based Apple HomePod is being celebrated — and criticized — in the first reviews released today, Feb. 6.

The Verge, for example, thinks the $349 is the best sounding device at its price range. However, they note, it “also demands that you live entirely inside Apple’s ecosystem in a way that even Apple’s other products do not.”

USA Today calls the speaker’s sounds “terrific.” Nonetheless, the publication feels the device is “pricey” and currently lacking key features compared to other speakers.

CNET also likes the Apple HomePod’s sounds. However, like many others, notes the device’s Apple-only services which locks out everyone else.

They explain:

Apple’s HomePod won’t slay Amazon Alexa out of the gate. But if you’re an iPhone user who prizes sound quality above all, you should seriously consider this speaker.

Finally, check out The Wall Street Journal’s video review, entitled “Big Sounds With Big Buts.”

First announced in June, the Apple HomePod is available in white and space gray. You can purchase it now in the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

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