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Foolball Will Bring Rag Doll Physics to Medieval Times

Pocket Gaming
October 3, 2017

A new game will be arriving soon taking rag doll physics into medieval times. Foolball, originally slated for a summer launch according to TouchArcade, is scheduled to debut on the App Store November 9. It looks absolutely hilarious, so let’s take a peek.

The Popularity of Rag Doll Physics

The Popularity of Rag Doll Physics
The hilarity of ragdoll physics

Rag doll physics, which is to say that of objects that pretty much flop all over the place, is very popular on the App Store. titles like Flip Master hover in the top five paid games of the App Store for long stretches of time.

That’s partly because of how hilarious the antics get, and also because of how well-done the games typically are. You get to watch body parts flailing around, and of course spectacular crashes and other mishaps.

Take the Fun to Medieval Times

Take the Fun to Medieval Times

In Foolball, you’ll have two gladiators battling until their king is pleased. Of course, they use the king’s jester, the fool, as a ball in an all-out game of trying to score by getting the foolball through burning rings.

The challenge, of course, is that you can’t really control the gladiators’ arms or legs. You just move them from side to side, counting on your mastery of physics to get the foolball through the burning rings. It looks like an absolute blast, medieval-style.

Coming Soon, but Still Open to Suggestions

Coming Soon, but Still Open to Suggestions

The scheduled summer release for Foolball got pushed back, because the developers continued adding new features and polishing the game. Now, the title is taking shape as a game with various modes to enjoy.

An arcade mode offers 10 stages, with a boss to defeat at the end of each one. You’ll also have the opportunity to enjoy an endless mode, with global leaderboards and various missions to show off your skill. More than 20 characters will be available to unlock and play at the game’s launch.

If you want to weigh in with your thoughts the game, the developers welcome feedback from TouchArcade’s forum members.