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'Full-fledged' PlayStation games could be heading to iOS

Games console-makers are beginning to recognize that there's big money in the App Store
Pocket Gaming
March 24, 2016

It looks like “full-fledged” games based on Sony’s PlayStation intellectual property (IP) could be heading to iOS, according to a recent report. As such, this is the second major games console-maker to announce the availability of mobile titles in recent months.

In Nintendo's footsteps

In Nintendo's footsteps

In Nintendo's footsteps

Last year, Nintendo decided on making a move to iOS, announcing the launch of a new mobile game designed for the iPhone. Though familiar faces are promised for iOS, the first Nintendo release was something new: the company has so far adopted a “less is more” mindset for its App Store releases, leaving fans wanting, well, more.

Now, however, TouchArcade explains that Sony is indeed bringing its IP to iOS in the form of so-called “full-fledged” game releases. The company aims to “leverage the intellectual property of numerous PlayStation dedicated software titles and it’s gaming characters” to iPhones and iPads through ForwardWorks, a newly-formed company from Sony.

TouchArcade adds:

Sony seems to be approaching mobile in a more traditional manner as its hoping to focus solely on those devices (sorry, Vita) and aims to bring its IPs to mobile to offer gamers the opportunity to “casually enjoy full-fledged game titles in the new field of the smart device market.”

- TouchArcade

You don’t need me to tell you how powerful the App Store can be when it comes to games monetization. And while such a move would allow customers to enjoy PlayStation IP without actually owning a PlayStation device, it’s nevertheless a smart move – especially for casual gamers who don’t have any plans of owning a console or handheld.

The first products on the App Store will launch in Japan and Asia, the report adds, though U.S.-bound titles should make an appearance soon enough. The good news for now, however, is that Sony is serious about offering a dedicated gaming experience on iOS: “Unlike Nintendo, which has said it plans to use mobile games to lure players to its consoles and handhelds, Sony seems to be looking at mobile games as an addition to its library rather than as a gateway drug of sorts,” TouchArcade ades.

Of course, we’ll keep you posted.