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Apple Watch

A Future Apple Watch and Smart Strap Could Measure Blood Pressure

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October 5, 2017

A newly published Apple patent describes a system where an Apple Watch and a special smart band can be used to detect blood pressure and detect heart abnormailites. It was first discovered by Patently Apple.

An image from the patent application.

An image from the patent application.

Here’s more from the report:

In describing their invention, Apple notes in their patent filing that “Wrist-worn devices and related methods measure a pulse transit time non-invasively and calculate a blood pressure value using the pulse transit time. A wrist-worn device includes an accelerometer, a photo-plethysmogram (PPG) or a pulse pressure sensor, and a controller. The PPG or the pulse pressure sensor coupled to the wrist-worn device for detecting an arrival of a blood pressure pulse at the user’s wrist. The controller is configured to process output signals from the accelerometer to detect when the blood pressure pulse is propagated from the left ventricle of the user’s heart, process a signal from the PPG or the pulse pressure sensor to detect when the blood pressure pulse arrives at the wrist, calculate a pulse transit time (PTT) for propagation of the blood pressure pulse from the left ventricle to the wrist, and generate one or more blood pressure values for the user based on the PTT.

Apple has long been rumored to be exploring many medical uses for the Apple Watch and a possible system of smart bands. Earlier this year, a report stated that Apple was working on non-invasive glucose screening technology that could help monitor diabetes.

And in late September, the FDA announced that Apple had joined a special pilot program to allow health technology to be developed and approved more quickly.