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Google's New PhotoScan App Digitizes Your Old Photos Into High-Quality Images

Google is doing more interesting things with photography than Apple
November 15, 2016

Google has launched a new app, dubbed PhotoScan, in order to help make it easier to scan and digitize your old printed photos.

The standalone app allows you to quickly scan your old printed photos in a matter of seconds using the built-in camera on your iOS or Android device.

Here’s how PhotoScan works:

  1. Hold your photo level with the image you want to scan. You can scan regular loose images or even a photo that’s in a frame.
  2. Four white dots will appear over your image. Move your phone around to line up with the dots until they turn blue. The goal of this is to help remove glare that may exist.
  3. The app will then crop and rotate your photo, then let you add it to your Google Photos library. You can also save the image directly on your phone.

It’s cool and I have to say Google seems to be doing more in the photography department than Apple, the so-called “camera company.”

You can download the app here.

PhotoScan - scanner by Google Photos
PhotoScan - scanner by Google Photos
Google, Inc.