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Grab This ZAGG Backlit iPad mini Keyboard Cover for Just $10

June 16, 2016

If you’re looking for an add-on keyboard for your iPad mini, we’ve found a great deal for you.

Hurry now to purchase

Hurry now to purchase

AT&T is offering the ZAGG Backlit Cover Keyboard for the iPad mini 1-3 for just $10. That’s an awesome deal, especially for a backlit keyboard. Just to note, it is just for the silver and white version.

It’s not a full case for your tablet, but it will protect the screen when not in use. The hinge design will allow you to place an iPad mini into a number of different viewing or typing angles. When you’re done typing, you can also flip the tablet around and use the cover as a stand to watch a movie or other activity.

The built-in battery can go for up to three months of normal use before needing to be charged.

While I wouldn’t want to use any iPad mini keyboard to write a novel, there are a number of situations where they can come in handy. And the price on ZAGG’s option is hard to beat.