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Getting More In Touch With the Home Button on Older iOS Devices

Or, how to make things work (almost) like they used to
February 22, 2017

When iOS 10 came out, it brought a pretty big change to how the Home Button works when your device is sleeping. Instead of a simple push of the button waking it up and unlocking the iPhone, by default you now have to press the Home Button a second time to open up your device. This is great on the iPhone 7, with Raise to Wake and the newly designed Home Button, but not so pleasant for older devices. Here’s how to get things back to normal.

The “Rest Finger to Open” option for the Home Button

The “Rest Finger to Open” option for the Home Button

Tucked away in the iOS Accessibility options is a new configuration panel – Home Button. If you open that pane, you’ll see several options. You can adjust the click speed of the button, change how Siri or Voice Control operate, and configure an option called Rest Finger to Open.

If you enable this last option, you’ll be able to open your iPhone with Touch ID the way you could pre-iOS 10. Just press your finger against the button, instead of having to push it twice. It doesn’t bring back Slide to Unlock, unfortunately, but it might make things easier for you regardless.

Other iOS 10 tips and tricks

Other iOS 10 tips and tricks

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