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IFTTT Maker Tier

New IFTTT Maker Tier Expands Automation Tools to Non-Partners

May 24, 2017

The free IFTTT Maker tier is now available.

IFTTT has introduced a new Maker tier that it hopes will draw more individual developers to its connected services platform.

The free Maker tier allows developers to use functionality that was once reserved for official IFTTT partners. This includes the ability to publish custom Applets and connect them with any service on IFTTT, not just the services they have.

As a developer in the Maker tier, you’ll get your own public IFTTT page to share within the community. You can also trigger multiple actions within your Applets.

For example, typical IFTTT Applets use a “IF This, Then That” recipe. As a developer in the Maker tier, you can expand this to include “If this, then that, and that, and that.”

IFTTT has also announced support for JavaScript code within a new Applet tool set called filters. Makers and partners can both build with the code, adding conditionals and randomization to their applets.

As IFTT explains:

While the ability to integrate an API and build out endpoints into custom triggers and actions is still reserved for IFTTT partners, IFTTT sees the Maker tier as a way to nurture and encourage up-and-coming developers.

Though the Maker tier unlocks some of the tools once reserved for partners, some limitations remain. Partner are still the only ones who have access to in-depth analytics, unlimited users, and unlimited Applets. Additionally, only partners have the ability to integrate APIs and build out custom triggers and actions for IFTTT.

An IFTTT Partner account is $199 per year, while an IFTTT Partner Plus account is $499. You can learn more about all three tiers on the IFTTT website.

You can check out my new Maker account at this link. It’s where I hope to create a few useful Applets in the coming days.

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