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MicroLED technology

Apple's Testing MicroLED Technology for Future iPhones - Report

Apple Rumors
May 24, 2017

Future iPhones are likely to include displays that use microLED technology. To make sure this happens, Apple is now testing the technology in small volumes, according to Digitimes.

As noted in the Wednesday report:

… Apple is likely to crank out a small volume of micro LED display products from its plant in Taoyuan, northern Taiwan at the end of the year.

Digitimes isn’t always correct on Apple rumors. In this case, however, they might have hit the mark.

Back in 2014, Apple purchased micoLED company LuxVue. Two years later, Digitimes reported that the 2017 Apple Watch would use the technology. Assuming the switch has been made on the next Apple Watch, it makes sense that Apple would now be testing the material for future iPhones.

MicroLED is a low-power display technology that features better color gamuts and brightness levels than LCD. It’s also more battery efficient because it doesn’t require a backlight.

OLED, by contrast, the material Apple’s likely to use on this year’s 5.8-inch “iPhone 8,” is a light-emitting diode containing thin flexible sheets of an organic electroluminescent material.

This is the second story this week to mention details about next year’s iPhone. In addition to this story, on Tuesday, The Bell reported that Samsung Electronics will be providing Apple two different OLED screen sizes in 2018 – a 5.28- and 6.46-inch panel.

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