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iLuv Rainbow8

iLuv Rainbow8: First Wi-Fi-Enabled HomeKit Lights That Don't Need a Hub

Connected Home
March 16, 2017

The iLuv Rainbow8 are the first multi-color smart home bulbs that work with Apple HomeKit that don’t require a separate hub. They are available now for $49.99 per bulb.

Featuring the same 800 lumens (60W equivalent) found on the industry-leading Philips Hue system, the iLuv Rainbow8 system allows you to light your home using up to 16 million different colors. Using the free Rainbow app, you can perform numerous tasks, such as turning your lights on/off and dimming. You can also assign lights to different rooms and multiple homes.

You can also use the app for scene management, plus assign time and location triggers. For example, you can have your lights turn on at sunset each day or whenever you’re close to home.

Because it works with Apple HomeKit, the iLuv Rainbow8 system is also controllable with the iOS Home app and Siri.

Why is this a big deal?

Wi-Fi connected systems like Philips Hue require that you purchase a separate hub. Until now, most of today’s hub-less lighting systems have been Bluetooth-based, which isn’t as reliable as Wi-Fi.

You can purchase the iLuv Rainbow8 through