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I’m A Puzzle, the Huge Online Library of Jigsaw Puzzles, Is Coming to iOS and Android

January 11, 2022

Jigsaw puzzles don’t normally score points for originality, but I’m A Puzzle, the popular online jigsaw compendium from Unwind Media, manages to sneak in a few new ideas.

More importantly, it serves up a vast number of classic, timelessly engaging puzzles to solve. Sometimes that’s all you need.

These puzzles are organized into a wealth of different categories, such as Art, Food, Sport, Structures, and so on. And if you’re concerned that the range on offer is too restrictive, fear not – there’s also an Other section, which handily covers everything else in existence.

We haven’t counted all of the puzzles on I’m A Puzzle, but we’re pretty sure it would take you months to solve them all. And those are just the ones that are already there.

I’m A Puzzle also gives you a potentially infinite supply of puzzles, since you can upload your own pictures, create new puzzles, and then solve them yourself or share them with friends, either by sharing a link or embedding them in an email.

Naturally, you can create and solve puzzles at several different levels of difficulty, from Easy all the way up to Supreme. And you can dial the difficulty back down again by using five different types of hints.

There’s Preview, which lets you see the completed picture for reference, Arrange, which shuffles the pieces for you, and Borders, which temporarily hides all of the non-edge pieces. Basically, all the strategies you employ while sitting hunched over a puzzle on a table, made slick and accessible by the miracle of technology.

I’m A Puzzle shakes up the traditional jigsaw format a bit, too, by introducing themed puzzles with unconventional shapes.

Some of these, like Leaves and Stars, give you custom shapes to insert among the ordinary puzzle pieces, while others mix things up a bit more. Pines, for instance, makes all of the pieces look like pine trees, while Mystery restricts your view to a roaming spotlight.

To get solving, head to the I’m A Puzzle site right now. Or you can wait for the mobile versions, which are currently in the works and should be along shortly.