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Incipio Has Acquired Griffin Technology

Is it just me, or is Incipio slowly taking over the world?
August 5, 2016

Incipio has made another acquisition, this time purchasing Griffin Technology, the folks behind a huge range of rugged iOS device cases, power packs, and cables.

Before now, Incipio has made a number of other high profile acquisions, including Braven and ClamCase; these companies have, in the process, joined the Incipio Group, and further product releases have been made. For this reason, Griffin's acquision doesn't spell bad news (or even the end) for the company. Instead, “Griffin Technology will continue as a stand-alone brand and retain its global headquarters.” The company will continue to develop and release its products for iOS devices.

Paul Griffin, founder and CEO of Griffin Technology, said:

This is an exciting and pivotal moment for the Griffin brand. Partnering with Incipio Group provides Griffin with a strong support system and improved capabilities to continue developing accessories that people love and use every day.

And so you can expect more Survivor cases to launch in the future, we might add.

Incipio, like Griffin, has always delivered great products, and so we're expecting great things from this acquisition. After all, we've continued to see solid product releases from Braven and ClamCase. It's interesting that so many companies have been acquired by Incipio, but I guess the strength and security of the Incipio Group is hard to turn down. As more and more companies continue producing iOS accessories, it's going to be harder to carve a slice out of the increasingly-crowded market. Joining Incipio is therefore a smart move for Griffin.

Of course, we'll keep you posted with further information as we receive it.