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iOS 11 Security Feature

New iOS 11 Security Feature Can Quickly Dial 911, Disable Touch ID

Apple's Software
August 17, 2017

A newly discovered iOS 11 security feature allows iPhone users to quickly hit the power button five times to discretely dial 911. It also will temporarily disable Touch ID.

First discovered by Twitter user @alt_kia, pressing the power button five times in rapid succession will bring up a quick screen where you can slide the Emergency SOS button to make a call to emergency services. You can customize the feature in setting to automatically make the call or are required to move the slider.

Interestingly, the feature also disables Touch ID and requires a passcode to be entered before gaining access to the iPhone. That adds another layer of protection for users if they feel threatened.

Currently in beta testing, iOS 11 is scheduled to arrive sometime this fall.

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