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The iPhone 7 Plus Versus Pixel XL 4K Video Test You've Been Waiting For

Which one looks better?
October 11, 2016

Just yesterday, we linked to YouTuber, Ron8it, for his beautiful videos showcasing just how great 4K video recording is on the iPhone 7 Plus. Today, he’s posted a new video which compares the iPhone 7 Plus to the Google Pixel phone.

Here’s what Ron8it had to say:

The choppy shots are caused by Youtube. Instead of doing a side by side comparison between the two phones…I’ve decided to have both The iPhone 7 Plus and Pixel XL work together in peace and harmony. Now you can see what both phones are capable of. I used a lens attachment only on the iPhone 7 Plus for two shots. Every shot in ungraded. Only added a letterbox in post. Both phones are fantastic with the Pixel having a more softer look but also a great cinematic feel. The iPhone 7 Plus holds it own with great sharpness (perhaps too much) and superb dynamic range. To keep the noise down while using the iPhone 7 Plus..I used the Procam 4 app and recorded in the 4K max setting while having a lot of patience for each shot. With the Pixel XL I took every shot with the native camera app and used a DIY slider.

To my eyes, it’s a wash. In some scenes, I prefer the way the iPhone 7 Plus looks; in others, I prefer the Pixel. Both take amazing 4K video and I think it’s a pretty big deal that an Android phone from Google is as good, maybe even better, than the latest and greatest from Apple.

What do you think? Which do you prefer?