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iPhone 7s

The 'iPhone 7s' Could Be Thicker Due to an All-Glass Design

Apple Rumors
August 15, 2017

While most of the rumors have been focusing on Apple’s next-generation “iPhone 8,” we’re also expecting two other handsets to be unveiled next month – the “iPhone 7s” and “iPhone 7s” Plus. And a new report from Giga Apple is shining the light on the dimensions of the smaller handset.

An apparent comparison of the iPhone 7 to the "iPhone 7s."

An apparent comparison of the iPhone 7 to the "iPhone 7s."

Credit: Giga Apple

Because of the change from an aluminum enclosure to an all-glass design, the “iPhone 7s” will apparently be a bit thicker, longer, and wider:

iPhone 7: 138.31mm × 67.14mm × 7.1mm
iPhone 7s: 138.44 × 67.27mm × 7.21mm

Another reason for the slight changes in dimension could also be the rumored addition of a wireless charging feature.

Thankfully, the camera bulge on the “iPhone 7s” will actually be shrinking to 0.78mm, compared to 1.08mm on the current iPhone 7:

We still do not know if the iPhone 7s will again sport the slightly curved camera bulge line of its predecessor, neatly integrated with the body, or if there will be a ring placed on the back around the lense as seen on the iPad Pro 10.5. There is, however, a strong case for the latter: Glass would be incredibly more difficult to bring into the same form like aluminum. So we are quite confident that you can expect a placed-on metal ring for the iPhone 7s’ camera.

The report didn’t provide any information about rumored dimensions of the “iPhone 7s” Plus.